Who are we? Superheroes, of course! Well at least X-Man is. He's from Programmer Planet and while he's just a normal peep there, here on earth he's Superman and Mighty Mouse rolled into one. He speaks fluent Geek, interceding on behalf of the humans who do not understand such things, and is blessed with an everlasting patience and tolerance for handling even the most mundane or ridiculous of questions without scoffing or snorting with uncontrolled laughter.

When not providing assistance to X-Cart site owners, he can be found in his alter-ego world as Joe, programmer extraordinaire at RedLime Web. There he is busy with custom programming, development, hacks, mods, and more for X-Cart. X-Man (aka "Joe") has 10+ years of earth experience with X-Cart and can answer just about any question relating to how it works or how xyz can be fixed.

X-Cart Help was started to funnel the growing number of consulting requests into one easy (and super fun!) place. In the near future, our site will be upgraded using X-Cart as the basis for a totally awesome real-time calendar booking program and the ability for customers to create accounts and view past phone calls and notes taken by X-Man during the call.

In short – we're X-Cart geeks and can help you with any issues you might be having. Or if you just need a virtual hand-holding while you try to get a grasp on what might seem impossible to master.