Policies. Even superheroes like X-Man need them. Good policies do make for great business relationships! And so, here are our policies.. just a few, but vitally important. Be sure you study them - there will be a quiz at the beginning of your call and failure to pass will result in call termination. Just kidding! About the test part, that is. In all seriousness, it's best if you acquaint yourself with these prior to booking a call.

• If there is no answer at your scheduled call time, we will make a second attempt 5 minutes later. If you fail to answer either of these calls, we will email you about the missed appointment, your call will be cancelled and you will forfeit your payment. However, if you email us within your scheduled call time and answer the phone, we will honor the remaining time scheduled.

• Calls may be rescheduled or cancelled up to 24 hours before scheduled start without penalty. If cancelled, a full refund will be given. No refund will be given for cancellation within 24 hours of scheduled call.

• We are not responsible for incorrect phone numbers. Please verify that you have entered the correct number when booking your call.

• Please note that we will be calling from a blocked/private number. If your phone does not accept calls from such numbers, you'll want to do what is needed to make sure you can accept our call. There are no exceptions to this rule.

• We do not work with or for any websites that are in anyway adult-oriented or not family-friendly.

• There are no refunds on completed calls.

• A chargeback is an unacceptable method of attempting to obtain a refund. Any chargeback will be viewed as fraud and handled accordingly. We have a zero tolerance policy on this matter and will not hesitate to notify the proper authorities or take legal action to make sure that we are not defrauded in this manner.