What do we offer? In a word (or two, to be factual).. X-Cart help or X-Cart support via phone consulations. Though this sounds a bit simplistic it really covers a wide variety of options. If you have an X-Cart site or manage one for a client and need assistance, tutoring, a walk-through of the admin, or anything else relating to X-Cart, then you should schedule a call with us.

"How Does Joe Do It" Class
Joe offers 1 hour "phone classes" on the nitty gritty of using FTP applications (and what that even means!), the basics of template editing, advanced template editing (learning Smarty basics), how to create and manage stylesheets (css), and an introduction into javascript/jquery.

How long does the call last?
Totally up to you. We offer 30 and 60 minutes options as well as a Mega 5 hour block, with our 60 minute option being the most popular.

How does it work? Do you call me or...?
When you schedule/purchase your call, we require the phone number you wish to be called at. We'll ask you to verify this and then when your slot arrives, we will phone you.

What if during the call, I decide I want to talk longer?
You'll want to schedule another call at your convenience. Typically we have other calls after yours so the option to extend the call isn't possible.

Will you call international as well?
Possibly. Further information on this will be forthcoming.

Do you speak English?
Yes, X-Man speaks English in addition to Geek, javascript, php, l33t, html, and far too many more to list.

Can I use my call for XYZ?
You can use your call to discuss anything you'd like. Want to discuss the weather? No prob! Maybe talk about the insanity behind the decision to remove Hasselback as the Seahawks quarterback? Um, on second thought, better scratch that one. X-Man is a bit fired up about that still...